Hi, I’m Claudia. I was born in Italy but I like to consider myself as a world’s citizen.

When I was a child, to read was the first thing that I learnt. I was reading everything: comics, books and even bills and food tags. Thanks to books, I started to imagine and dream adventures. And what else is dreaming? Just a way to travel for free, comfortably sitting on the couch. To dream is the best gift we have. Let’s keep it close.

After my high school diploma I graduated in International Relations and then I attended a Master Degree in Journalism and Communication. And when I grown up, I started to travel for real: Italy, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Ecuador…

I much prefer sea to mountain. Probably in my previous life I was a mermaid.

I lived in Paris for few months, discovering that there is also another part of this wonderful city, and it’s not just “the city of love”.

Speaking of this…I love eating, everything, except mushrooms (to which I’m sadly allergic), fish, tomatoes, meat from animals that were cute when they were alive, cabbages and oranges. My body is 80% pizza, pasta and cakes (as a perfect italian girl).

I love extreme sports (and of course my parents are not happy for that). I love motorcycles, martial arts, climbing mountains. In my free time, I like reading, playing videogames and running with my lovely dog.

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